Revolutionize the way you train. Low impact,  highly effective, time saving work out that only requires 22 minutes of training. Now in a private or semiprivate capacity at eBody we will get you in and out of the door within 45 min even less if you are quick to change! Depending on the class you attend, we will focus on burning those calories + strengthening, toning up those muscles or simply melt away the fat!

EMS technology is designed to access your slow twitch muscle and fast twitch muscles at the same time by sending electrical impulses to your muscles, DON’T FEAR, this is not a painful feeling rather a vibrational feeling, this does not mean the work out is easy tho! The work out is designed for all levels as the trainer is able to control individual electrical outputs for each client and with the small group setting you will receive personal attention every time.  

eCardio and eTone
Sweat it up and tone it up!
  1. 10 minutes to get set up, get comfortable and adjust electrical suits
  2. 8 minutes of Cardio ONLY
  3. 14 minutes of low impact full body TONING AND STRENGTHENING
  4. 8 minutes suit removal and wind down