eBody Vancouver powered by XBODY machines are state of the art high end machines with the latest technology.

  • elicits a stronger contraction in the muscles: grown in muscle strength and size
  • improves the capillary network of soft tissues
  • fights against cellulite: better blood supply; muscle pump is the most effective way against cellulite
  • increases enzyme activity, growth hormone; muscle building
  • increases the amount of mitochondria
  • prevents from osteporosis and bone braking
  • enhances maximal strength potential
  • ¬†decreases body fat percentage: the effective strengthening training makes the body a real calorie burning oven
  • time saving: the whole muscular system is activated at the same time (whole body training)
  • targeted muscle building: every impulse hits the muscle precisely relieving the joints: impulses are only targeted to muscles
  • balancing muscle system: outer impulses help the weaker links of the body to improve
  • posture improvement: impulses train also the deeper stabilizing muscles